The Wellspring
Practice Philosophy
We want Wellspring Dental to be an abundant source of support, connection, innovation, and healing for our team, patients, colleagues, and community.
We’re all on our own health journey, I know I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. We’re about making progress, one step at a time, towards improved health.
Of course there’s lots we can do in an ideal world, but there’s also what’s realistic for us in our daily, modern lives. We want to help find out what works for you individually and map out a path together for you and your family to determine if we want to treat by preventing, controlling, or resolving issues.
The three pillars that we believe are the foundation of health are: Gut health, inflammation, and airway health. As dentists, we can positively influence each of these, especially when collaborating with a medical colleague looking at your systemic health.


We want to identify precursors and early signs and take a proactive approach.
We want to:
  • Look at your bite as a system, not just one tooth at a time
  • Understand how your joints, muscles and teeth work together
  • Treat root causes like sleep and nutrition as they relate to oral health
  • Identify and use the right materials for your unique immune system
  • Reduce the sources of inflammation that can put us at risk for chronic disease
  • Make sure you have enough tongue space, tongue movement, and tongue tone to promote healthy breathing and sleeping

Bringing high level restorative dentistry together with a holistic approach is a unique combination, and we hope to influence how patients and practitioners approach dentistry.