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Airway & Sleep Health

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The Wellspring

Wellspring Dental takes a fresh and unique approach to oral health, connecting dental and airway care to whole-body wellness. We aim to help patients live a long and healthy life by treating causes instead of symptoms, collaborating, and providing individualized care. This is a different kind of dental practice, and we aim to elevate the standard of care.

What We’re All About

We value transparency, wellness, and proactive care. We want to empower patients to make informed choices about their healthcare. Improving your oral health can have a big impact on your overall health and vice versa. We’re all about treating the root cause by taking a big picture approach.
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Airway & Sleep Health

The roof of the mouth is the floor of the nose, so the shape and function of our jaws, tongue and teeth directly influence how we breathe and sleep. We love helping patients get restful, restorative sleep so they can feel better and live longer, fuller lives.

Functional General

We want to treat your oral health as a part of your overall health. We are mercury-free and mercury-safe, offer biocompatibility testing, utilize ozone therapy and microscope analysis to treat gum health, use biomimetic restorative techniques, and treat airway health as one root cause of dental issues.
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Meet Dr. Shannon Thorsteinson

Dr. Shannon Thorsteinson is among the top 6% of dentists nationwide, and has been in private practice for over 10 years. With Wellspring Dental, she wanted to create the kind of dental practice where she would want to bring her family. Here, we provide innovative care with heart. Experience and integrity matter, and Dr. Shannon brings to her practice passion for her work, and genuine gratitude for her team and patients.
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