Our fees are determined by our top quality team, cutting edge technology, and significant investment in our training and education. We find these factors set us apart and enable us to provide a high level of care in a boutique practice setting.
We want to do what we can to allow patients access to the kind of care we provide at Wellspring Dental. Which is why we offer third party financing.
We will collect full payment at the time of service, file the insurance claim, then you will receive the insurance reimbursement directly. This ensures all your insurance benefits will be fully utilized.

WHAT IS AN out of network PROVIDER?

We believe there is a dentist who is the right fit for each person. Wellspring Dental is designed to be a complete health practice, so our goal is to be able to customize our recommendations and treatment to each patient. Much of the work we do is so specialized and unique that it doesn’t even have an insurance code to file.
Dental insurance is a contract between an employee and employer, so they do not provide exact specifics to us, an outside third party. It is unlikely your dental insurance will completely cover the cost of our services, but we are happy to provide the information you would need to discuss specifics with your dental insurance provider, and all your benefits will be fully utilized. It is best to think of dental insurance as a “coupon” that offers partial contribution to dental services.
While the cost of running a business has increased, dental insurance plans have not significantly changed in 20 years. It is our goal to reach patients who value this type of healthcare, and don’t want an insurance company to influence their provider’s recommendations. We believe when providers and patients communicate and plan directly, we can achieve the best outcomes.