Welcome To The MyoGrow Airway Center at Wellspring Dental

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Whether you are a Wellspring patient, a new patient or already have a dental home, we offer an “airway journey” that promotes healthy growth, development, breathing and sleeping for all ages.


The Goal is Vibrant Health and Overall Wellbeing

AIRWAY SPECIALIZATION – We specialize in the assessment and management of airway related anatomy. That includes tethered oral tissues (TOTs), development of the craniofacial anatomy, breathing patterns, and myofunctional habits. While we mainly specialize in anatomy, it is important to also consider non-anatomical factors contributing to airway health.


Look Past Symptoms to Find the Root Cause of Problems

ROOT CAUSE EVALUATION – Our evaluation process includes taking photos, measurements, medical history, and conducting a CT scan of the airway, as well as obtaining a digital scan of the teeth. We also evaluate tongue space and a patient’s symptoms/sleep quality as key indicators for guiding their treatment approach.


Prioritize Early Intervention

EARLY INTERVENTION – At MyoGrow, we believe that it is crucial for children to experience health benefits such as improved breathing and sleep quality at an early age when their growth potential is at its highest.


Give Equal Importance to Every Aspect of Tongue Tie Release Procedures

SURGICAL PRECISION AND COMFORT – We employ the latest CO2 laser technology from LightScalpel to treat tethered oral tissues (TOTs). For infants, we perform frenectomies in conjunction with a team of functional providers that may include lactation consultants, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists. In older children and adults, we recommend completing myofunctional therapy prior to a release of a “tongue tie” via functional frenuloplasty, which may be preceded by expansion, depending on the age.


Treat Both Jaws

JAW DEVELOPMENT- Our approach involves treating both jaws when appropriate to achieve a more healthy, stable bite where teeth are centered over bone and in an upright position.


Encourage Teamwork Between Providers to Achieve Best Outcomes for Patients

COLLABORATION – We collaborate with a range of specialists, including ENTs, myofunctional therapists, orthodontists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, craniosacral therapists, oral surgeons, pediatricians, sleep physicians, allergists, and more, to ensure that patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

At the Myogrow Airway Center, we aim to find the root cause of symptoms to determine the most effective treatment plans for our patients. We believe it’s worth the extra effort to prevent and course correct growth patterns early, so anyone can thrive in the future. Our hope is by creating a healthy foundation early in life, that we can minimize sleep, breathing, dental, and TMJ issues in adulthood.

We are so fortunate that regardless of what stage or age we meet, there are solutions for all ages.